Monday, February 24, 2014

Teef Crazy - Pulling the Daytime Oil - Part 3

I've turned into a crazy, oil pulling zealot in the last three weeks. I'm not exaggerating when I say that oil pulling has revolutionized my life. I wish there was something so easy that would revolutionize my procrastination, my cooking skills, or my ability to maintain a tidy home. (Catch up on my oil pulling adventure here)

Although the tangible, visible results have slowed down a bit (once your teeth get dramatically whiter in 3 days, anything after the fact seems very slow),  I'm still noticing subtle changes - less plaque, pinker gums. But (like the true oil pulling evangelist I've become) the biggest change has been in myself. Truth is I really enjoy flossing and brushing now.

Laugh all you want but it's a pretty happy relationship I have going on with floss. And I'm not ashamed to shout it from the roof tops. I'm not afraid to jump on Oprah's couch. 

But you don't just have to believe crazy, faux hippies like myself. Read all about the clinical study here but the conclusion is: "Oil pulling can be used as an effective preventive adjunct in maintaining and improving oral health." Note the word adjunct. I still brush twice a day and floss every other day or so (much better than my previous once every two weeks). When people don't treat oil as an adjunct to brushing is where they lose interest. From comments around the blogs people are concerned with this being a morning activity and not having enough time. Although I do it in the morning, there have been days when it's best done at night when the baby is asleep and there is no one pressing to talk to for 20 minutes. As long as it's done daily alongside brushing your teeth I see no reason why you can't oil pull whenever you want.

I wish Lil' D could swish some oil with me but, alas, with four, half teeth and the lack of communication skills we are stuck with doing it the old fashioned way for awhile. She just got her first toothbrush. (Stand by for gratuitous pictures of my child).

"Wish I could Oil Pull"

Next up:  my recommendations for best natural toothpastes to go with your oil pulling mania.

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