Thursday, August 28, 2014

First night of FPU class

Maybe it's because I'm trying to change so much at one time, but I've been feeling like I'm a human emotion roller coaster recently. One moment I'm UP UP UP and everything is full of hope and promise and then the next morning, this morning actually, I hear about salmonella in commercially processed chickens and I'm crying in my car.

Because I'm sad the world we live in treats chickens/our freaking FOOD supply this way.
Because I don't like being vegan and I don't want to eat pasta all the damn time.
Because I'm doing Dave Ramsey and I don't want to pay for non-diseased local chickens until I'm out of debt.

So last night was my first Dave Ramsey class. I was way more nervous than I thought I'd be. The church where the class is being held is gigantic. It has campuses. My high school graduation was there (ummm 16 years ago) and even then it was a huge church (video screen, a baptismal font you can literally swim in, etc.). And now it is even bigger. Coming from my little Episcopal mini gothic cathedral I grew up in - it's a lot. I got lost trying to find the class several times. Near the elevator. Down a hall. Past the coffee shop. Past the coffee shop in a church.

Anyway. All day long JTS had been prepping me to not be brainwashed. To not buy more books. So I was a little paranoid and scared. And when one of the first questions was to ask everyone where they went to church I got scareder.

And to be honest it was a lot more religious than I thought it would be. The more Bible verses spouted the more I realized that I will never ever get JTS to go with me.

That being said it was a good start. The teacher has been doing this for seven years. He seems shy and not disposed to speaking in front of groups which is good and bad. There are three couples, two individuals whose other would not come, and mostly single men. (Good for those guys!) This week was all about saving. Oh the shame cycle I could end up in if I think about all the saving I haven't been doing. (Let me go back to the car for a minute to cry.)

BUT! At the end of this month, we will have completed Baby Step #1. Save $1,000. It was so much easier to do than I originally thought once I paid attention to where I was spending my money.

Before class began we had to write down what our biggest challenge was going to be doing FPU. Mine was, of course, PATIENCE. I want my problem solved and I want it solved now.

This week's homework is to answer the following questions:

1) How much debt do you have (everything but mortgage included)?
2) How much liquid cash do you have?
3) How many credit cards do you have open?

I may be spending the rest of the day in the car after I answer these questions.


Katherine said...

Again: please keep posting on this so I can learn a ton about FPU through you.

I just read about "No Spend Month" on some blog somewhere on the interwebs last night and was all "ooohhh... we need to do that...". Especially when I look at how much food we have in our pantry and freezer. We could put away a couple hundred dollars next month if we just bought milk and produce and ate what we already have on hand.

Baby steps! Gazelle-like intensity! Right??

Katherine said...

P.S.- and way to go on the savings!!!! That is incredible!!! $1000- you are on your way.

Daisy said...

Oh I saw no spend month. It's on Living Well, Spending Less I think. I'm not sure I could do it. Even though I'm much much better than before I still like shopping as entertainment. Even if it's just groceries.

But that would be an amazing way to save a ton of money.

As for Dave, I will definitely keep writing to keep up my resolve. I'm a gazelle, but I believe JTS wants to be something a little fiercer. Yet fast. We haven't decided on his spirit animal.