Thursday, November 15, 2007

Observations from My "Backyard"

So- in normal years, even the weirder climate ones of late- the leaves turn beautiful shades of yellow and red (or more recently, turn brown and die) and then fall gracefully to the ground leaving mounds of pretty piles to kick around in. And all of this happens before, during, or greatly near Halloween. Last year at this time the back patio of my next door neighbors (who I curse daily for never using what must cost about $2,000 a month in outdoor space) the leaves had already turned and fallen. Its how we know its Thanksgiving and to prepare for Christmas. This year, though, as I look out at my backyard (whose owners I have seen 1nce all year in) the leaves are not only still on the tree, but also not even begun to change colors. This, my friend, is creepy and weird. And that's the ho-hum observations of November 15th, 2007. I make no promises- but I do fervently hope something interesting will happen in my life so that I can go back to posting interesting things. Or things that at least interest me.

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