Sunday, January 20, 2013

Things you will not (for the moment) find on this blog

If you check out my favorite blogs list to the right you will find a couple of things on those blogs that you won't find here.

Such as:

1) Proper grammar usage. I know. I know. And my mom even taught grammar! But I usually write the way my brain thinks and therefore I tend to use a - when a , would be much better. Etc., Sorry. But not sorry enough to fix it.

2) Beautiful photography. My favorite blogs have beeeeee u teeee full photography. And I love it. But, alas, even though I took one class in high school and have a really nice camera, a photographer I am not. I will go as far to say that not only am I not a good photographer - I am a truly horrible photographer. Besides my shaky hand, I tend to take a photo about 5 seconds too late. Yup. It makes me sad too. But I don't think things are changing any time soon. I did get a tripod. Maybe it will be magic.

Thank you for hanging in there.

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