Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Why God Created Dips:

Because healthy food is HORRIBLE! Does an Extreme Cheese Dorito need a dipping sauce? (Although nacho cheese would be quite tasty) Does a gummy bear require frosting? Does macaroni and cheese require frying? Although these sauces could only add to the delicious taste of the first food, the answer is still a resounding NO! And now I query you: What would an apple or celery stick be without peanut butter? What would carrots be without hummus or guacamole? Tasteless and barely filling I tell you! Daisy is now resurrecting her every three weeks health food kick. This time in a more Daisy-friendly format. She will not cut anything out, only strive for moderation. Seeing how Daisy has no personal willpower or ability to stick to any kind of restrictions-rest assured, dear reader, this won't last long.

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